Extreme Sports Life Insurance

Life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection for extreme sports or dangerous hobbiesSports Financial is a life insurance specialist for people who take part in extreme sports or hazardous hobbies so are classed as ‘high risk’ by life insurance underwriters. If you take part in an extreme sport and need life insurance then you […]

Parachute Life Insurance

Parachute life insurance – is it really as bad as it seems?Anyone who takes part in skydiving or parachuting might consider that life insurance is one of those things that they will never be able to get simply because of the amount of risks involved and the general view people have about insurance underwriting. The […]

Kayaking Life Insurance

Kayaking life insurance – What happened to the canoer who faked his death? One of the most famous recent events in financial services history was the disappearing canoeist  or kayaker, John Darwin who faked his own death in March 2002. This rocked the life insurance world as the couple were found guilty of fraud after […]